I must figure it out. I must complete what I assign myself today.

So, I stay up at this specific seat.

Mysteriously, away from the mentally-set path, I turn to a surf not taken.
Yep, internet surfing, once you decide to get to bottom of it, it's black hole.

In the summer of 2011, some university students and I went to Nepal. We happened to have a chance volunteering in Tashi Boarding School. Students, doctors and the staff worked together providing health check and medical services for the Tibetan kids.
We can probably do more in 2012. Isn't it? It's just mysteriously the contact information lost in a mist of mystery.

After a while of surfing, I find Tashi Welfare Center, the main organization running the School. If you click the link, you will hear the mantra praising His Holiness Dalai Lama, you can also read how Tashi Tsering Lama has devoted for the preservation of Tibetan culture. This should the surf taken.