The Seaside Motel

I like the expecting, coincidence, and duo. The unnecessary necessity, fate it might be referred to, life it might be made of. I can't see beyond my vision, my understanding, there is something happening anyway, so does my life, it is changing second by second. When I have a dream, I don't see any reason. When I love, I don't need reasoning.

Few days ago, I looked at the moon. When people see something, it's actually the light from that side reach their eyes. I reckoned so. I said to Moon. "You finally come. Finally. You have taken such a long time." I thought to myself, comparing to such efforts, my samsara, if there were, were small. My sitting is nothing.

Why did I talk to Moon? Why the Seaside Motel was situated in mountains? Does it make sense that the final scene make the whole film become a loop? Sometimes, reasoning is not that important. Somehow, you know the essence of it is beyond reasoning. And that's enough.

It's more than enough I guess. It's more than necessary. I bought a small quantity of wool felt this morning. I determined to rebulid my dream. I spent my afternoon spreading the fabric, sticking big dipper and small stars here there. I giggled. My mom glanced over what I was doing and felt funny.

The seaside weirdo.