This story starts wtih eight men eating 喜洲破酥 at a secret corner: Mr. Blonde(黃雨衣), Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Mr. White, Jam Cable and his son, "Nice Guy" Edit.

"After the credits, the action cuts quickly to the interior of a speeding car. Mr. White, driving with one hand, is trying to comfort a hysterical Mr. Orange, who has been shot in the lower abdomen and is bleeding profusely. They arrive at an abandoned warehouse, later revealed to be the rendezvous point for the armed robbery they have just committed. Mr. White leaves Mr. Orange on the warehouse floor. Mr. Pink appears and angrily suggests that the jewelry heist was a setup. Mr. Brown has been killed by the police and the whereabouts of Mr. Blonde and Mr. Blue are unknown to Mr. White and Mr. Pink."





"Mr. White and Mr. Pink are enraged at Mr. Blonde, who shot and killed several civilians after the alarm went off. They argue about whether or not to take the unconscious Mr. Orange to a hospital. The argument turns violent when Mr. White reveals that he told Mr. Orange his real first name. They point their loaded pistols at each other."



"Mr. Blonde, who has been watching the action from the shadows, steps forward and tells them not to leave the warehouse because Nice Guy Edit is on his way there. Mr. Blonde takes them outside to his car and opens the trunk to reveal Marvin Nash, a police officer he has captured."


"Mr. Pink and Mr. White brutalize the officer, then Mr. Blonde tapes him to a chair. Edit arrives at the warehouse and orders Mr. Pink and Mr. White to come with him to retrieve the stolen diamonds (that Mr. Pink stashed after fleeing the scene) and get rid of the hijacked vehicles, while ordering Mr. Blonde to stay with the dying Mr. Orange and the cop. The officer denies knowing anything about the setup, and begs to be released."




"Mr. Blonde then draws a straight razor from his cowboy boot and tunes a radio, which is playing 'Stuck in the Middle With You' by Stealers Wheel. Dancing around to the music, Mr. Blonde slashes the officer's face and cuts off his ear."







"He then splashes the officer with gasoline and prepares to ignite it with his cigarette lighter when Mr. Orange suddenly shoots Mr. Blonde several times in the chest, killing him."



REF:1992年Quentin Tarantino導演的 Reservoir Dogs