Clifford Stoll: The Call to Learn

"All truth is one.
In this light, may science and religion endeavor together
for the steady evolution of mankind,
from darkness to light,
from narrowness to broad-mindedness,
from prejudice to tolerance.
It is the voice of life
which calls us to come and learn.*"

我喜歡手作的Klein Bottle,Mobius Strip的概念,很酷吧。之前在The Big Bang Theory看到的時候,覺得好有趣,沒想到有這樣的玻璃產品。大中小款,任君挑選。


*Quoted by Cliff Stoll at the Embedded Systems Conference 2000. He discovered it on a bell as Cliff hid in a University of Buffalo clock tower to escape police during a violent Vietnam War protest. Cliff was not protesting, yet had been attacked and chased by police simply for being a student in the wrong place at the wrong time. Image above is Cliff's rendition of the poem scribbled during the conference.